OpenEnsembles is a resource for performing and analyzing ensemble clustering

Copyright (C) 2017 Naegle Lab

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openensembles.cooccurrence.add_subplot_axes(ax, rect, facecolor='w')[source]

A non-class function to handle subaxes

openensembles.cooccurrence.plot_matrix_sorted(matrix, label_vec, threshold, lnk1)[source]

A heatmap plotting function, for both co-occurrence and mutual information

matrix: np.array

An array of values to plot as a heatmap

label_vec: list of strings

A label_vec to label the row-wise objects. Empty if labels not requested

threshold: float

Threshold to use for coloring of dendrogram

lnk1: linkage object

A pre-calcluated linkage object to use to sort.

fig: matplotlib.pyplot figure

The figure handle